Gedenkensteine in Bamberg, Kaserne 2017

Gedenkensteine in Bamberg, Kaserne 2017
immer noch unvergessen...
1943: Olt. Georgi, Chef 3. Kp.
zu dem von "Kameraden" denunziertem Benzinfahrer Becker:
"Ich gebe Ihnen einen guten Rat!

Damit rettete er ihm das Leben...
Dieser Satz hat zu jeder Zeit
eine tiefe Bedeutung...

Die "Bären" - Медведь - медведь танков - Sie gaben sich selbst den Namen: "Die Eberbacher"

Die "Bären" - Медведь - медведь танков - Sie gaben sich selbst den Namen: "Die Eberbacher"
(1943 Lgov) Mit dem Teddy lebt das Regiment weiter und wird seiner historischen Verantwortung gerecht - Das Panzerregiment 35 mit seinen Stabskompanien, 8 Kompanien in 2 Abteilungen, der Ersatzabteilung in Bamberg mit 6 Kompanien

Geburtstagsliste - Panzerregiment 35 1940

Die "Bären" 1943

Die "Bären" 1943
Februar 1943 Llgov - Stabskompanie

Abteilungsbefehlspanzer März 1943

Abteilungsbefehlspanzer März 1943
Lt. Heinz Burkard (⚔ 8. Jan.1944) 1943 auf dem Befehlspanzer bei Kaljakorowsk

Dienstag, 17. Mai 2011

4. Juli 1941 - 3 Panzer auf der Brücke

Bergung der Toten und der Panzer...

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Oleg hat gesagt…

Hello Jurgen, H.J.Zeis and all who involved in discussion about Stary Bychow

Sorry for the absence of my reply during long time.

First of all I should note unfortunately I don't speak German and therefore I have to use English. Previous message that I sent to you had been translated into German by my colleague.
If you don't mind, I and my colleagues in future due to this small problem will communicate with you, using mostly English or even Russian sometimes at a writing. In case of problem of understanding, there is rather simple way for text translation - online-interpreter (for example - this one:
Despite this fact I hope it's will not be obstacle for our dialogue and problem for you to understand us.

I would like to thank you very much for the reaction to my message and for your excellent rare historical photos of Stary Bychow and memoirs of events in 1941.

We are ready to communicate on all subjects concerning Bychow history. We are ready to give you all information about Bychow that you need and we have.
I think the best variant to communicate - is to exchange with photos and answers the questions that we or you are interested in.

What concerns photos. I copied your photos which you published and if you don't mind I would like to publicate them on Bychow history discussing forum with signature "Panzerregiment 35/". - is a small internet-forum where people who keen on Bychow town history from time to time publish some interesting photos and information.

With regard to the positions of the Bykhov authorities and Belarusian officials of public organizations, unfortunately, still have a lot of underdeveloped. But I hope with time it will be stagnant.

Thank you very much once again. At nearest time I will publish some photos of Bychow that will be interesting for you I hope. Also I have some questions concerning information of events in Stary Bychow in 1941.

Best regards